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Delicious Tripe!!!

June 29, 2006 on 9:58 pm | In Recipes | 17 Comments

What else can I say, it’s tasty stuff. But I can tell you when I was a kid I can remember smelling my great grandmother Rosalie cooking tripe and my brother and I running away in fear. How ironic is it that one of my big goals is to get more people to eat offal, especially tripe since it is higher in protein and lower in fat then a T-Bone steak. Continue reading Delicious Tripe!!!…

Going Whole Hog-Salumi Italy’s Preserved Meat

June 25, 2006 on 11:44 pm | In Offal | 2 Comments

A couple months back The San Francisco Chronicle’s Carol Ness came knocking and wanted to talk about cured meats for a story. She wanted to know everything the how’s, why’s, what and where. I opened the door to my kitchen and curing fridges for her to see all, as well as taste everything I had ready to serve. She also visited other chefs in the SF bay area who all gave her there info and opinions like I did.

So you are saying how the fuck does this relate to offal, Continue reading Going Whole Hog-Salumi Italy’s Preserved Meat…

Beyond Organic Radio Show

June 25, 2006 on 7:44 pm | In Offal | No Comments

This past year I did a radio show “Cooking the Whole Animal” with Fergus Henderson, and host Jerry Kay on Beyond Organic radio show.We talked about sustainablity factors of eating offal, and food fears that people have with these cuts of meat.It was great to do the radio show, I definatly had to watch my mouth no F bombs here.

Odd Cuts and Guts

June 23, 2006 on 11:21 pm | In Offal | No Comments

Check out this article that was written about me in 2004 on Global chefs. This is a great site that has a ton of info about the food industry from around the world. This site is run by my friend jeremy a Brit chef working and living in San Francisco. There is always great food stories on here as well as a bunch of book reviews, and great chef profiles. Go check it out!!

International Chefs Congress

June 23, 2006 on 1:04 am | In Offal | No Comments

This september I will head off to NY city to speak on a panel discussion called “No Guts No Glory” with Fergus Henderson and Anthony Bourdain. There will also be a tripe education and demonstration seminar, I will be leading Check out the Star Chefs International Chefs Congress list of other great chefs that are speaking and giving demonstrations. This will not be one to miss.

Star Chefs Offal Article

June 21, 2006 on 11:23 pm | In Recipes | No Comments

This past year I wrote an article called Head to Tail cooking for Star Chefs an online food magazine . Working with the staff there to get this article published was alot of fun. Take a look at the article and see what you think. It has 4 recipes each with a different organ meat, and even a dessert using pork blood.

Recipe for Beef Heart

June 21, 2006 on 10:51 pm | In Recipes | 23 Comments

beef heartBy taking this forgoten muscle and giving it a little love you can have a great range of dishes, here is just one of the many I serve at Incanto.The combination of beets and horseradish is a classic. It is the balance of sweet and spicy that works so well. When combined with the grilled heart, this classic pairing is elevated by the richness and intensity of the meat. Continue reading Recipe for Beef Heart…

The Fifth Quarter with Anthony Bourdain..

June 18, 2006 on 9:49 am | In Offal | 5 Comments

The old butchers’ term for offal was “The Fifth Quarter”– all non skeletal meats, including the skin, head, feet and guts. So Quinto Quarto, or fifth quarter, is what I call my 5-course offal tasting menus at Incanto. Last Friday night I had a party of 4 including chef/author Anthony Bourdain– my favorite traveling media whore– in for a Fifth Quarter Menu. This man has eaten more nasty bits then anyone so I had to put up or shut up. Continue reading The Fifth Quarter with Anthony Bourdain…..

Martha Stewart Show

June 18, 2006 on 1:48 am | In Videos | No Comments

Last November I had a great time in New York when I taped a live TV show. The Martha Show, with Martha Stewart and musical guest Trisha Yearwood. I prepared an option to the traditional turkey for Thanksgiving. Take a look at the video link I have attached, to see it all, 12 minutes went by really fast. And yes I did break her mortar and pestle.

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