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Closer to the bone sweeter is the meat!!

February 13, 2008 on 10:57 pm | In Photos | 12 Comments

Speaking of using fish guts heres a dish that I prepared for the chefs of Sebo when they came in for dinner on Monday night. Here is a step by step on how I use tuna spines as a great dish. It was great to cook them a dish that is based around food they work with everyday. One chefs trash is another chefs dish.

Must go Sebo

February 13, 2008 on 12:28 am | In Photos | 4 Comments

I know this site is where you all come to learn or hear about bits and bobbles, well I love fish more then you know. So I wanted to share my favorite place to go for Japanese take a look and see. They also do izakaya  Japanese bar food on sunday nights which always has some great dishes I have never seen before. In April we are cooking together for a special dinner using all of the fish guts and all, with sake pairings from beau at true sake. I look forward to seeing you there cause thats where I will be on my days off for dinner, come see what you are missing.

Incantos Annual Head to Tail

February 3, 2008 on 11:05 pm | In Events | No Comments

The date you have all been waiting for. The good news is we have decided to extend this special event for 1 more day. I look forward to seeing you there.

Offal Good Q&A

February 2, 2008 on 5:25 pm | In Resources | 4 Comments

The Astor center in NYC is holding a Q&A with yours truly. You can get all the details here, at Astor Center NYC.

Honolulu Fish Auction at 5am

February 1, 2008 on 7:03 pm | In Resources | 5 Comments

I just came back from Hawaii and I had the opportunity to go to a 5am fish auction. This was a fast paced fish buying frenzy. I couldn’t keep up with the dollars until the fish was sold. The fish were laid out and had a slice of tail cut and a core punch so they could judge the quality of the fish. It was a beautiful range of super gorgeous fish, wish there was a sushi bar there, because there was only shitty coffee.

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