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Abbaitor photo collection

September 3, 2008 on 11:08 pm | In Press | 2 Comments

antique slaughter houses

Click on the image to go to the article and see more photos.

I was lucky enough to acquire a lot of  antique abattoir photos a few years ago. After the slaughter house piece ran in SF Magazine I let a few of them out to bee seen by the world.  The photos I chose are very cool to see, very simple and austere but to the point.

Gourmet magazine loves pigs head

September 3, 2008 on 10:01 pm | In Videos | 14 Comments

I was shocked when Gourmet Magazine asked me to butcher a pigs head for the video section of there website. This is a major push for offal exposure to the mass public, I give them huge credit for going outside the box.

Le Sang Des Betes 1949

September 2, 2008 on 9:56 pm | In Videos | 9 Comments

This is a black and white short documentary about the slaughter houses of Paris in 1949 by George Franju, the title translates to “The Blood of the Beasts” .

This video was given to me a few weeks ago and I wanted to show it here on the site.

This is a graphic film and to some it may be offensive.

YouTube Preview Image

The rest of the movie is after the break.

Continue reading Le Sang Des Betes 1949…

Sorry I have been busy

September 2, 2008 on 4:09 pm | In Blog | 1 Comment

Well its been a bit since i have written so i figured i would give an update. I have traveled to NYC, LA and few others in between. I even started to race my bike again to get back in shape my first race was the SSWC in Napa CA, what a great time that was. To top it we have opened the retail location and store front for Boccalone in the Ferry building market place. This isn’t an excuse but the facts I have been busy and been neglecting my website, but do not fear there is more coming.

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