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Deciphering the Menu

July 28, 2008 on 2:59 pm | In Press | 1 Comment has a page on Deciphering the menu: offal They spent some time talking to me and  other chefs around the country about there reasons and beliefs on offal cookery in there restaurants. Take a gander and see what you think, they did a great break down of offal cuts with descriptions that you would find on menus around the country. This should be a great resource for any diner.

A Carnivores Cookout at Prather Ranch

July 22, 2008 on 11:32 pm | In Press | 1 Comment

prather ranch cookout
A full year after we shot the story its here in the august issue of Food and Wine Magazine.

There are so many stories that could be told from that day at the ranch: the sheer beauty of the ranch, the history and stories from The Ralphs, and The Rickerts. Even the morning I spent in the slaughter house helping the Rickerts process cattle, I just got the cow hide back from that day, its been tanned and turned into a carpet. Ultimately I am honored to have a story of this quality and caliber, Thanks Tom for expressing that day so well and Emily for going to bat for my beliefs.

Cooking at Sebo's Tuna Dinner

July 15, 2008 on 10:59 pm | In Restaurants | 2 Comments

This was a great night of sake and tuna had by all 15 who attended, especially me because I chose to do this dinner on my birthday. The most amazing part about this dinner was the Kindai Tuna and how special it is, a true sustainable bluefin tuna. I never knew about this until the first discussions of cooking this dinner, absolutely great fish. I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Michael and Danny I learned more about tuna in one night from them, then years in kitchens. How to cut it properly, age the fish and treat it in the Japanese style. I look forward to cooking with them again in the future, whats the next fish guys.

Pork week on

July 15, 2008 on 12:45 am | In Videos | No Comments

Pork week on was a whole week of glorifying the pig in all its splendor. Giving this magical animal its rightful due from bacon to all its lost cuts. They interviewed a few chefs and producers on their thoughts and beliefs on pork usage and production as well as there addiction to the meat of this delicious animal. I feel very fortunate to have been interviewed for “A Magical Wonderful Animal” since pork is my favorite in so many ways.

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