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National Culinary Review

September 7, 2006 on 12:06 am | In Restaurants | No Comments

A few months ago a women from the American Culinary Federation called Incanto and said she was doing a story on offal. She spoke to different chefs around the country about what offal they serve, why they serve offal, and what is the customer response to these cuts of meats. The article was well written and very informative, the best part is that she didn’t hide each chefs true opinion(well at least not mine). I have attached a small section of the article for you to get a taste, read on.
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Check out these shoes!!

September 2, 2006 on 10:28 pm | In Resources | 3 Comments

For the past couple of months I have been coveting these shoes, and I now have them. Most of you are saying what the fuck does this have to do with food? All you need to do is see them to understand…

The folks at upper playground are great , they designed these limited edition shoes for the 35th anniversary of Adidas. So about these shoes ,well I am an Italian chef so these are perfect for me. They look just like the table cloths at the crappy Italian places I went to eat at as a kid, you know the ones with the wicker wrapped Chianti bottles on the table as a candle holder. So check these guys out they have a great store and art gallery, as well as cool cloths and plus they are true SF locals.

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