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Fermin Factory Tour

February 23, 2010 on 8:04 pm | In Blog, Photos | 2 Comments

Here is a slide show of my recent tour of the Fermin processing facility in Spain. This factory is like watching a ballet its so beautiful how everything is handled with such care.

Incanto 2.0

February 12, 2010 on 3:52 pm | In Blog, Photos, Restaurants | 3 Comments

It seems like just yesterday that I started here at Incanto, but 7 years later it’s time for some change. No, I am not leaving. Mark and I decided it was time to refresh the dining room. The goal with everything in life is to improve and that is what we are always striving to do here. We have added some beautiful images on the wall from Lisa Hamilton, a banquette along the Duncan street wall, replaced the carpet with a poured floor and added a large communal dinning table that seats 18. ¬†That is just the beginning of the changes. The “Odds and Ends” board and my 10 point buck have also entered the fold. Here are a few images to give you a taste of Incanto 2.0. I look forward to seeing you here soon, I hope you like the redo as much as I do.

After the break there is a “Letter from Incanto” explaining a little bit more about the changes from my buisness partner Mark Pastore.

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Giant 85LB Pigs Head

February 17, 2009 on 1:47 am | In Photos | 12 Comments

The day I had surgery an 85lb pigs head was delivered to the restaurant. When I got the call the next day about this pigs head I was excited but bummed I couldn’t be there. So to make sure I was happy my Pastry Chef Thomas took great photos on the butchering and cooking process. I know you have seen how to butcher the pigs head from me in the past but I am really happy that my team nailed it with this pigs head.

Thanks guys you did a great job as always.

Year of the OX

February 3, 2009 on 11:16 pm | In Photos | 6 Comments

This leg of beast came to be after many requests for the whole beast events to be available to smaller groups meaning they wanted me to find smaller beasts, not possible really so we came up wih this. This entree can feed 6 to 8 people  and is accompanied by marrow bones, some bitter greens, and cannelini beans with beef tendon. This is a great way to start the year of the ox, with one of its legs. To find out more or book a leg for yourself and 6 of your friends check out Incanto.

Goose Intestines

December 30, 2008 on 2:16 am | In Photos | 6 Comments

Christmas usually brings a whole bunch of geese to the restaurant to serve for the holidays. This year I got a treat with the geese, I got their intestines as well. There were great as a simple dish with beans, they resembled pasta once they were cooked. Follow the picture recipes and make some great dinner.

pre formed turkey eggs

December 15, 2008 on 12:30 pm | In Photos | 10 Comments

These pre formed eggs are a tasty treat that have been used for years but not normally seen in the US markets. I first had these eggs while on a trip to Asia and it was served to me in a rich heart warming soup. After the turkey slaughter I had a bunch so I made this soup with cauliflower mushrooms, pasta and spinach it was an instant hit.

Turkey Lungs

November 29, 2008 on 7:52 pm | In Photos | 4 Comments

When most of you are eating turkey left overs I am using turkey lungs in a really tasty way. They are a readily available cut found in Italian markets know as pulmones. The US is the only country who deems lungs unfit for human consumption which went into affect in 1972. I dont know why they did it, rumor is that they felt they couldn’t inspect them properly. I think they taste great so here is what i did with them, ask your local rancher for some.

Its Turkey Time Again

November 23, 2008 on 11:02 pm | In Photos | 12 Comments

Every year for Thanksgiving people are getting ready to sit down to eat turkey. Today I was able for the second year in a row, help with the 4-H heritage breed turkey slaughter. What an amazing experience, this was attended by full families young and old all helping. What is so great about this program is that these are kids who raise these birds, sell them in auction, then help with the processing of the birds.

Closer to the bone sweeter is the meat!!

February 13, 2008 on 10:57 pm | In Photos | 12 Comments

Speaking of using fish guts heres a dish that I prepared for the chefs of Sebo when they came in for dinner on Monday night. Here is a step by step on how I use tuna spines as a great dish. It was great to cook them a dish that is based around food they work with everyday. One chefs trash is another chefs dish.

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