“Salty Tasty Pig Parts” is my other job where we make artisan salumi, go and get some!
This guys have supported me with the best meat since the beginning.
Mark keller’s pork is beautiful and humanely raised.

What more can I say then, This man is the man! He knows how to do hams, and so much more.

This is where you can find me cooking all the time
This is my favorite restaurant, always amazing food.
My friend David Chang and his staff putting there heart and soul into there pork based menu.
Michael Symon my pork loving brother in arms is knocking them dead in Cleveland.

When in Chicago you must make time to visit this restaurant family, Paul Kahan and his team are knocking it out of the park.

When in Montreal you must eat dereks food, he is a true Canadian nutter!! He is one of my favorite people to cook with, and you must go there.

Bacon of the month club is a must, as well as bacon toilet paper.
My favorite Knives! Superior quality, and it”s what I use everyday!!

These are my shoes of choice! for reliability and comfort these are the shoes fort me!!
You name it, Jing has it and its of the best quality. He is my go to guy for what is hard to find.
These guys have the best food t shirts around, as well as some great cloths so go and buy some.
Who in there right mind wouldn’t want this, its a delicious no brainer.

Michaels chocolates are bar none the best I have had.
This guy is hopped up on so much sugar he scares me but his sweets are always delicious.

This is where i go to get my morning buzz on. Be sure to get the quad USA or a Kyoto style ice coffee in the summer.


Harold McGee
Without harold we would all be lost, Thanks for showing me the way.

Anthony Bourdain
He gives us all a glimpse and a taste of places around the world, with his no bull shit opinions.

Michael Ruhlamn
Author, next iron chef judge and all around food guy who has lots to say!


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